Friday, May 28, 2010

What are the issues?

Today the term "racism" is used by a wide variety of people to divert attention from their bad behavior by labeling those who challenge them.

Racism n. 1. a doctrine or teaching without scientific support that claims to find racial differences in character, intelligence, etc. that asserts the superiority or one race over another or others, and that seeks to maintain the supposed purity of a race or races.  Webster's New World College Dictionary

It is my opinion that there is very little racism present in the functioning population of the United States.  I think it exists in undereducated segments who are agitated by community organizers who make their living by keeping them upset.  The government is a major functionary in keeping people focused on their ethnic and racial differences through a system of inequitable classifications.  Every government form forces citizens (and others) to make a selection from a variety of categories.  Many of us are mixtures of two or more of the categories.  White - many races and ethnic groups are white in physical appearance.  However, the government chooses to further separate the classification into language groups.  Other choices involve separation by surname and physical appearance - Asian-American, African-American, and Native American.    These classifications are all over the map.  Why are they necessary?  Aren't we all Americans?  If we are here legally we are.

All countries have strict immigration laws to control their population numbers.  The only people Arizona is targeting are those who enter the United States "ILLEGALLY" through its border with Mexico.  These illegal aliens are not all of Mexican origin.  Not all are here to obtain work.  The thing they all have in common is they are here "ILLEGALLY".  That makes them criminals my friends.  You are not "racist" if you want to keep criminals out of this country.

I live in an area where a large portion of the population have Spanish surnames.  Most are here legally and they don't want illegals to have a free reign here anymore than the rest of us do.  They understand the strain illegals place on the population.  The only ones who raise a cry of "racism" are those who derive their livelihood from keeping the undereducated illegals and welfare dependent dolts stirred up.  Don't fall for the ploy.  Highlighting criminal behavior and unacceptable social behavior is not racism.  It is being a good citizen and a protector of the beliefs and behaviors that define our free republic.


  1. Well said Pappy. Arresting law breakers is hardly racism.

  2. The name callers are more akin to the true definition of racists than anybody I know. Happy riding. Pappy


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