Sunday, May 2, 2010

Let's get it right.

It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument.
William G. McAdoo

There is a danger in starting a blog entry with a quote like this.  I can hear some snickers out there from those who aren't in agreement with some of my philosophy, but I intend the quote to describe my frustration with presenting logical arguments to some who are not interested in logic.

I have listened and read these last few days as various groups have protested over Arizona's new immigration law.  There is no logic being presented in these protests.  There is instead a lot of hypothetical emotional rhetoric being vomited up by those who want these people, who have entered our country illegally, to become a part of a growing undereducated voting base.

Arguments related to who "owned" the land the United States now occupies are absurd.  Can you tell me of one country where undocumented outsiders can just march in and start working and raising families?  I must carry my passport into Mexico every time I go across to have dinner or make a minor purchase.  If I am asked by Mexican officials to show this, I am legally bound to do so or face some serious consequences.  I am asked to present the document upon my return to the United States by the U. S. Customs officials on this side.  Mexico has been occupied by numerous countries during its history.  You certainly can't tell by looking at skin color who is from Mexico.  Many U. S. citizens and legal immigrants in my part of the country can't speak English, so this is not a good criteria to use.  Proper legal documentation is the only way to determine who is here legally and who is not.  

We enact laws to maintain order.  Law abiding citizens usually don't need the statutes to live in relative peace with one another, and they are often the ones most effected by the restrictions.  However, for those who ignore the statutes there are penalties attached to temporarily keep them from running roughshod over those who do.  There is always inconvenience involved for both groups.  But, in order to maintain order, the laws must be enforced.  No person, or group of persons can be exempted or excused.  

When people refuse to obey the law voluntarily, then more stringent methods are usually employed to ensure order.  When this happens, freedoms are lost.  Our nation exists because our founders and the majority of the populace at the time felt a moral and spiritual obligation to do the right thing without having a plethora of laws and penalties to guide their behavior.  This type of internal moral guide is essential to the continued existence of our representative republic.  We have lost our system of checks and balances, and therefore our representation, because most of the people who have been elected of late lack a guiding moral compass.  

Ignoring uncontrolled illegal immigration through undocumented entry, or illegal overstays, has seriously affected the moral base on which our way of life is built.  Many different nations use Mexico as an entry point because their government is so corrupt and ineffective.   While some pose an unbelievable financial drain that cannot be sustained, others, like the Muslims, pose a serious threat through violent overthrow.  We had better take this threat very seriously.  I applaud the efforts being made and considered by the various sovereign states to take immediate action to bring the situation under control.  

There will be instances where people are mistakenly detained and where citizens are inconvenienced, but these will pale in significance when compared to what will happen to our freedoms if we don't take action now.  Our federal government is being run by a rogue administration whose main purpose is to reduce us to third world standards by any means possible.  They jump at every opportunity to create and maintain civil unrest in order to support their contention that we are in need of an all controlling "Nanny State".  We need to send strong leaders to Washington, D.C.  who will fight with every breath to reverse this terrible travesty of justice.

If you think I don't look happy, you're right.  


  1. I like the quote, and your fifth paragraph sums up our nations woes to a T.

    I might add that willing ignorance is the most vile sort, for every day ignorance can be cured....

  2. Quite right Pappy! You focused in on exactly what's happening and put my thoughts into words. Well done.

    Tomorrow is the National Day Of Prayer. Perhaps all of us who believe in Jesus will come together as one mind and ask the Lord God to please help us in these & other matters. That will aid in getting us back on the right track too.

    God bless fellow Patriot! :)


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