Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Little Things

I think we focus on the wrong parts of life most of the time.  In truth, most of what we worry and fret about is out of the realm of our control.  Everyday things happen to us and around us that merit our attention, but because we have become insensitive to them they get crowed out by lots of junk that really doesn't matter. Let's try and re-sensitize our minds to look for the little blessings in life everyday and be truly thankful for them.  I wrote this poem years ago to illustrate this phenomenon.

Little Pleasures

We plan.
We work.
We save.
We dream.
But, life is seldom as it seems.

A germ,
a gene,
a wayward act
can throw perceptions off their track.

A hug,
a kiss,
a tender word
can let us know we’re not alone.

Life is life.
So, on we go
not so sure of what’s in store.
But, fearing less that great unknown.

Enjoying “little” more.

Dennis Price


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