Friday, June 27, 2014

1954 Willys Overland Aero Coupe

I've owned a lot of cars in my life, but my first one was a 1954 Willys-Overland Aero Coupe.  Many memories are attached to that little car and many of my friends from that era in the mid-sixties still ask me about it. My dad bought it in 1962 for $265.00. It became mine when he passed away at the end of 1963. I think I got it running again in 1964.  I thought it merited a poem.

 Fifty Four Willys

It was my Willys Aero
in that sagging wood garage.
A reminder of a better time,             
like a withered prom corsage.

Its faded skin was green and white
and covered up with dust.
It sat on flat and rotting tires,
its nose cone flecked with rust.

I bought four Mohawk recaps,
it lifted from the ground.
I added battery, points, and plugs
and the engine came around.

I had the outside painted black.
New interior, red and white.
Colored paper covered the dome light,
to enhance the mood at night.

It had two hump like tail fins
like its cousin Henry J.
And was followed by a light blue smoke
as the Casite burned away.

Dennis Price

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