Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Freedom in America - The Finale

I know, I know, you are saying that from the founding of this nation politics has been a dirty business and the rich have ruled.  In fact if you examine history, it is rife with political struggle, greed, fighting, poverty, and a whole host of nefarious characters.  Why then should we in the United States be concerned?  Because, we are the citizens of the United States, and if you recall the detached and objective analysis by an outsider (Tocqueville) who looked in on this rebellious bunch of upstarts you will remember that he opined that it was the goodness of America that made her great.  A goodness brought about by the Christian principles on which this great nation was founded.  There are many good people in this country who still are guided by these principles and who would defend them if called on to do so, but the tide is shifting and there are forces who do not have any interest in seeing this nation return to her original guiding principles.

How else can you explain the election of Barack Hussein Obama?  It is not politics as usual, it is a sinister force led by globalists who need the last remaining super-power to be brought to its knees so that a few super rich players can mass world leaders into lock step and herd the mindless sheep into their fold to be cared for by a one world government.  I could go on as my friend David did in his explanation and recount for you the process and the unmitigated gall of those in power as they trample on our U. S. Constitution.  I could site for you, as he did, the mounting evidence of substantive violations of law for which our president could be prosecuted and removed from office, but to what end?  He was not, and never will be, constitutionally qualified to hold the office in the first place.  The traditional watchdogs in the press and media have joined the coup and have dropped their torches for highlighting the truth to become hand fed sycophants.

There are brave and principled men in the political arena who are routinely maligned and pushed aside by those who would keep their own source of power and wealth intact.  The lines between the parties have been blurred by these keepers of the status quo, and we have lost the checks and balances of a two party system.  We have also lost the checks and balances designed by our founders in the three separate branches of government.  The Executive branch is now the sole dictator of policy and the Legislature and Courts have become rubber stamps for this illegal action.

In concluding his piece, my friend David says, "If something is not done, and if it is not done now, the United States of America we know and love is finished.   Our children and grandchildren will, at best, live under a quasi dictatorship which will govern every facet of their lives.  The standard of living, except for the ruling elite, will fall dramatically.  Nothing will be the same, and freedom as we have known it will be forever quashed."

Because of our principles, we must obey the law and work within the system to the best of our ability.  We must redouble our efforts to educate and inform our children and grandchildren.  David says it this way: "Nonetheless, I am hoping that there are enough of us left who retain the basic beliefs, strengths and intelligence of the Founders and the men who stood their ground at Concord, Lexington, Valley Forge, New Orleans in 1815, Belleau Wood, the beaches at Normandy, Tarawa, Iwo Jima, Inchon, and the Tet Offensive to turn things around."

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  1. Whence comes that graphic? I'd love to use it.

    One can hope. One can pray. One can act. May God have mercy on us.


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