Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What in the world just happened?

Well, I'll tell you what just happened.  The 47% who live in the most concentrated population centers and who have the most electoral votes, just re-elected the president who promises to keep them in the paltry manner to which they have become accustomed.

I am encouraged that even where I live in the tip of Texas, (big Democrat country) there is a little blob of red.  Let's look at what they want to continue as I see it.

Unfettered Illegal immigration with its attendant billions in costs to the American tax payer for benefits, education, increased crime, court costs, and incarceration.  I'm sure many of these Illegal immigrants voted.

Huge increases in medical and insurance costs with a decrease in the number of doctors.  Huge increases in all sorts of taxes on all of us to pay for the mammoth bureaucratic agency needed to ineffectively run the program.  We are in the demographic Obama promised not to raise taxes on and so is anyone who has a life. On January 1st we will see noticeable tax increases, fees, and penalties.

Government sponsored abortion on demand and free contraceptives.  It would seem that free contraceptives would take care of the first cost, but apparently they don't know how to use them.

More spending on those who are in the 17 to 18 percent who are unemployed.  Only the careful manipulation of the data on unemployment before the election kept most people from knowing how bad it is.  This combined with the expenditures not only for housing and subsistence but also for such non-essentials as cell phones and computers is sure to drive up the costs of government.

Continued financial support to the United Nations and billions in tax payer dollars in foreign aid to bolster countries who hate us and want to do us harm.

More government interference and regulation of job producing industries, combined with governmental support of labor unions to insure that good jobs continue to go overseas.  This includes the auto industry that the Obama administration proudly touted as one of their greatest accomplishments.  Just check and see where not only parts, but also finished products are going to be produced in the near future.

We can be assured that this administration will continue to bow before all manner of foreign dictators who are enemies of our great nation.

I predict we will see other aberrant sexual groups lobbying for legal protection and recognition.  The pedophiles are already showing up in great numbers at the meetings of the Gay/Bi/Lesbian and Transgender meetings.  I also predict that the courts will have no option to grant their requests because of the precedents recently set.

There will be greater division in this country as this administration continues its efforts to bring the United States to a third world status.  The rest of the world may cheer at their efforts until they realize just how much they depend upon the economy of the U.S.

Our nation will be made vulnerable with huge cuts to our military strength and we will see more overt efforts to terrorize the U. S. by the cowardly weaklings of the world.

We have created a generation of voters who are totally dependent on huge government for their every need. They are a large enough group now to elect people who will sell their birthright for a bowl of porridge.  The politicians and entrepreneurs who will willing rob the treasury for their own gain are the most despicable of the entire lot.

Individual integrity and responsibility must be taught by those of us who still know what it is.  Each individual must make an effort to model these behaviors and attempt to show others how important they are to our survival.  Socialism has been a huge failure everywhere it has been tried.  It will be no different here.

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  1. "What in the world just happened? "...I don't know. I cannot believe it myself.


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