Monday, November 12, 2012


Not since Reagan have the Republicans had a candidate that truly exhibited the basic tenets of conservatism. Main stream Republicans did not like Reagan, but, he had his own base of support that didn't need the elites to win.

The Republican Party Machine loves the excitement the conservatives bring to the table.  However, the RNC and the established "Inside the Beltway" Republicans are in the game to feather their own political nests as much as any Democrat ever thought about doing.

I have found the reactions of the Republican Royalty to be as predictable as the type of "slap stick" comedy one expects when watching the Three Stooges.  Regardless of the success brought about by the conservative undercurrent, the Republican Stooges can find a way to screw it up before, during, and after any election.

They can have great, eloquent, and electable candidates who would win in a landslide if the Big Republican Machine stayed out of the picture.  They predictably choose some favorite son who couldn't get a laugh in a room full of drunks.  McCain and Romney are good examples.  I voted for both candidates because I realized that the alternative in both elections was unthinkable. However, I gave my money to much more electable "also rans" in both elections.  In losing, the Republicans always capitulate to a lukewarm" position of nothingness.  In winning, the Republicans always retreat to a "lukewarm" position of nothingness.  I am ready to depart from this ineffective party and form an alternative party, early in the cycle, that can defeat both of the established big boys.  We must start now.

Here's what I say to the Republicans - If the Phone Doesn't Ring, It's Me  -Jimmy Buffett


  1., too. Makes me wonder which one you might have chosen if it had been an option. Don't answer that!

  2. We have no choice but to start a new party, this one does not represent us and has stopped working. But, we need to secede from the Union....radical??,common sense....let's live in peace for what days are left. We can not change the Union, for 51% does not want to change....leave them behind.

    Alta Danie, I went to high school with Barbara

  3. Thanks for dropping by Alta. I don't know what the future holds, but I do know who holds the future. I think we could win if we had a party that would stick to a conservative agenda. It is the only one that stirs the portion of the voting base that is not concerned about being taken care of by the government. Pappy


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