Monday, March 21, 2011

I must be senile.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  I can't for the life of me figure out how gasoline prices are determined.

I can't understand how a totally incompetent and constitutionally unqualified candidate can become president of the United States.

I can't understand how an administration can ignore the constitution and push forward as though nothing has happened when the federal courts have ruled their health care bill unconstitutional.

I can't understand how a congress can propose cuts in the already earned income of its constituents, who have paid into a system designed and subsequently plundered by congress, and at the same time continue to spend borrowed money on foreign projects, and aid to those who have not contributed anything to the building of this great nation.

I can't understand how an administration can totally abdicate its responsibility to serve and protect its citizenry and then join with foreign governments in suing a sovereign state who passes legislation to take up the slack.

I think my friend David has expressed his thoughts very well in the following missive:

"I was thinking the other day, which always gets me in trouble, about Obama refusing to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act.  He has usurped Judicial authority and decided the law is unconstitutional.

The Constitution requires that the President "shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed”, but he demonstrates quite regularly  what he thinks of the Constitution.

His Attorney General refuses to enforce Civil Rights laws against blacks.  The most notable example was the blacks in paramilitary uniforms with clubs who were threatening whites trying to vote in, I believe, Philadelphia.  The Attorney General's reason for his non action was that he did not want to "demean his people", which can only be interpreted as he considers "his people" to be blacks.  To heck with the rest of the people in the U.S.  They are apparently not "his people."

He and Obama are also refusing to enforce federal immigration laws; however, the total abdication of his constitutional authority aside, the most egregious thing he has done of late in that arena to my way of thinking was file the suit against the State of Arizona a few months ago.

Think about this a moment.  The State of Arizona has passed its own immigration law because it has completely lost control of its southern border and the federal government doesn't seem at all interested in doing anything about it.  At least two ranchers have been murdered on their own land, every rancher along the border has lost property and many have been threatened.  Two of the sheriffs in the area have had contracts taken out on them by Mexican drug cartels.  Slightly over one third of the inmates in Arizona penitentiaries are illegal aliens who committed felonies in Arizona.  Thousands of students in Arizona schools are illegals being educated with the tax dollars of Arizona citizens.  Several thousand acres of public land in southern Arizona have signs erected by the federal government around them advising citizens not to go there because it is too dangerous. 

In other words, these acres, a part of the USA, have been effectively ceded to the human traffickers and drug cartels from Mexico.

All of this and much more, I haven't even gotten into health care provided to illegals, and the federal government does basically nothing.

U.S. federal law requires certain aliens to register with the U.S. government, and to have registration documents in their possession at all times. The Arizona Act makes it a state misdemeanor crime for an alien to be in Arizona without carrying the required documents, bars state or local officials or agencies from restricting enforcement of federal immigration laws, and cracks down on those sheltering, hiring and transporting illegal aliens.

Now the federal government becomes interested.  Claiming that only the federal government can pass or enforce immigration laws, this administration has filed suit against the State of Arizona for an injunction prohibiting it from enforcing its own laws, laws which almost precisely mirror the federal laws and were passed out of desperation because the federal government is not doing its job.

Furthermore, this administration is ignoring long established federal law which allows and actually requests local law enforcement to assist in immigration enforcement.  The law on this question is quite clear: arresting aliens who have violated either criminal provisions of the INA or civil provisions that render an alien deportable "is within the inherent authority of the states."

I guess that Obama has decided that law is unconstitutional, also.

Secondarily, Obama criticized the bill and called it "misguided" and said it would "undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans, as well as the trust between police and our communities that is so crucial to keeping us safe."

What kind of gibberish is that?  The bill was passed because of the well documented, daily threat to public safety in Arizona that already exists.  Furthermore, federal law already allows the Border Patrol to set up roadblocks for no reason at all but to check the passengers of each vehicle on roads near the border to determine if they are legal or not.  The state law doesn't go that far and only allows state peace officers to do the same subsequent to an arrest or legal traffic stop.

But it's not fair.

And here is the kicker in my view.  Mexico has joined the suit against Arizona.  So what we have is this administration siding with a foreign country against our own citizens.  I am unaware of this ever happening before in our history.

The amazing thing to me is how little all of this has been publicized.  Where is the outrage?  The media ranted daily about their perception that Bush was centering too much power in the Executive, yet when Obama unilaterally decides certain laws he doesn't like are unconstitutional not a peep is heard.

The irony is that much of what he does every day is unconstitutional and all we get from our elected representatives in Congress is a big "Ho Hum."

If this is allowed to continue we will wake up one morning and find we are living in a dictatorship, just as the Romans did.  Of course, the Roman reaction was, "Oh well, the economy is good.  And what is going on at the Coliseum today?"  If we don't get our noses out of the sports pages and start paying attention to what is happening to our country, we will end up precisely as they did....slaves to our government and ultimately dead at the hands of the barbarians."


If you haven't found something strange during the day, it hasn't been much of a day.
  - John A. Wheeler


  1. Hey Pappy. Again you and those articles from others is right on the mark. What can we dco to change all of this. Well, we can start at the voting booths, andc I believe start suing the adcministration and congress for all the things being commited against Americans!

    I just finishedc reading the newqs paper, and again I'm attempting to understand why we have stuck or noses in another country's business - such as Libya. Thanks for your articles!


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