Thursday, March 31, 2011

Going Green. I'm so with it.

Just forgot one thing.  We need a viable economy to give us time and energy to think of innovative new solutions to the world's energy problems.  Destroying the greatest experiment in government ever tried, will relegate us to the level of those who depend on us for their sustenance.  How will adopting the failed attempts at government of  all other nations make us better?

What drives our nation at this time?  Carbon energy sources.  We have yet to find anything to replace these sources and won't as long as government interference and over regulation cripples our nation.  This is truly a government of retribution led by small men with small ideas.  Every new technology we have developed so far is dependent on carbon based energy to exist.  Most of these sources, as they are currently configured, could not exist with out heavy dependence on oil, gas, and other carbon based fuels and by-products.

We must find the moral strength of character and courage to impeach this government of foreign interlopers and racist opportunists, and we must do it soon.  Our government has been co-opted by financially rich despots who are pulling the purse strings to make their minions dance.  We have overcome greater obstacles in the past when we have returned to our Christian roots and values, and we must do so again.  If the judges are unjust get rid of them.  If our representatives are self serving and spineless get rid of them.  This charade must be unveiled and quashed. 

[Abstract art is] a product of the untalented, sold by the unprincipled to the utterly bewildered - Al Capp

The same could be said of the "Abstract Theories" being proffered by the untalented politico puppets, and supported by the unprincipled elitists who suppose their educations are better than everyone else.  They attempt to sell this unmitigated crap  to a wide variety of utterly bewildered sycophants with help from the Zombies in the National media.    

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