Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Dearth of Leadership

Dearth: any scarcity or lack.  A good word for the Obama administration.  It starts at the top.  Anyone who surrounds himself with people who are idiots cannot expect anything but trouble.  However, if you happen to be dumber than the idiots who surround you what can you expect?  We bought a pig in a poke with this president.  The only reason he was elected is because he was half black.  Very few people paid attention to the fact that he was amoral and totally self centered.  In addition to that he was totally unprepared for the huge job that he faced.  If you must spend millions to keep your past a secret then you must have something to hide.  We are reaping the whirlwind.  The toilet has been flushed and we are all headed for the septic tank.

This jewel is Eric Holder, Attorney General.  What an idiot. He also has an agenda which has to do with showing us that regardless of how stupid he really is, he is the Attorney General.  Never mind that he is wrecking the nation, he is the Attorney General.  I could post picture after picture of the former lobbyist in the Obama administration, and the leftist czars, but you get the idea.  A foul mouthed group of amoral bigots with something to prove is what we have in this administration.  All have issues related to their perception of their self worth.  They feel rejected.  Duh.  You got on the wrong train and you are not going to be treated differently until you get your mind right.  Until that time they will show us.  Small people with a lot of power are dangerous.  These people are dangerous and need to be removed from office as soon as possible.

What about this foul mouthed clown, Rham Emanuel?  He has shown his butt several times and will continue to do so until he is silenced by the voters.  Everyone in the politically correct crowd is really concerned about his use of the "R" word.  No mention of his obvious use of the vernacular of the ignorant in his dropping of the "F Bomb" in all this uproar. Low-lifes with no moral conviction what-so-ever are in positions of importance in our nation.  A nation run by people who were elected and appointed only because they filled the requirement of social justification due to their protected class status.  This is what you get when you look at nothing but the color of skin and the rhetoric of globalism and socialism.  Character is important, and so are Christian values.  Islam is a threat to this country (and others) in any form.  These people are not innocents who seek only the peaceful practice of their religion.  They are all terrorists.  All the Islamic countries are our enemies and should be treated as such.  They have no moral compulsion against lying to those who are not Muslims.  We must rid our government of the weak kneed politics of the past and elect statesmen who value the continuation of freedom.

As long as people will accept crap, it will be financially profitable to dispense it.
Dick Cavett


  1. That was a splendid post and RIGHT on the money! They're all foul mouthed idiots. I say we smear them all with pigs blood and send them home crying to their mamas. I'm ready.

  2. Anyone whose law firm defended Islamic terrorists pro bono has no business being Attorney General - but we've got Holder whose law firm did just than - and not only that, many of Holder's appointments came from that same law firm.

    Don't you feel safer now knowing this?

  3. Most people don't even consider the huge conflict of interest and possible reason for the inexcusable move to have these morons tried in a civilian court. Holder's law firm stands to gain megabucks. The government pays for the attorneys who defend these mopes. Pappy


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