Friday, September 29, 2017

On meeting someone of like persuasion.


Greetings, fellow traveler,
Out of sync with time and place.
I know you.
The searching in your eyes.
The etchings on your face.
Was our meeting happenstance?
Or planned?
Oh, life’s mysterious dance.

I think the purpose of starting the re-blogging process was to reacquaint myself with my muse.  I enjoy reading, and I tend to read authors and poets with work that somehow speaks to me on a personal level.  I wrote the simple poem you see here many years ago to express this feeling.  I have found that people may be different in appearance and background, but when we can glimpse their inner self we may find common ground.  I will be sharing some background with you in the next few posts to give you an idea of my life experience.  I think you will better understand my position on things if you know this.  Then when I really start to opine on the current state of affairs, you can know why I hold the views I do.  I started with the post on my friend David Rains because we had this type of relationship.  I will be 70 years old next month, and I am feeling some urgency to share what I have learned.  

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