Tuesday, January 28, 2014

State of the Union

I was not shocked when I started this post today to find that I had not posted since the first of January.  I have been in the doldrums of frustration.  I am frustrated with our nation's government.  I keep wondering when some of those elected to provide the checks and balances in government are going to realize they have some power.  I keep getting e-mails from various candidates promising to move for impeachment, indictment, removal, sanction, and a plethora of other justified actions against president Barack Hussein Obama.  However, at the end of each promising dissertation there is a place to donate my hard earned money to people who already have the job and are not doing what they were elected and sworn to do.  Am I going to watch the State of the Union address tonight?  No.  I already know the State of the Union.  I knew it while this unvetted and unqualified candidate was vying for the job.  I knew we were going to be in big trouble.  We now have a tyrant in office.  The Democrat National Committee lied to the American people in their sworn statement of their candidate's qualifications to hold the office.  However, only a moron would think otherwise.
Here are two selected passages from a piece posted on January 24, 2014 written by Rebecca Wilde.  Here is the site for the entire piece; http://patriotupdate.com/articles/missing-constitution-part-1-constitution-says-can/  .  

"No matter how old you are or what political philosophy you prefer,
America is not as free as when you were born. Before any of us were
born, our forefathers gave us the Constitution, not to spell out our
rights, but to recognize that we have rights that are natural or
God-given that the government neither grants nor may infringe. But the
Constitution does not guarantee anyone anything whatsoever. Only
America’s adherence to the Constitution could do that. To the extent
that we see it as the unique document that it is and revere it and
cherish and defend the rights it represents, it protects us, in its way.
But, ultimately, it is the people in a constitutional republic who stand
up for constitutional rights, if the people are to retain them."

" The Constitution says we are free to govern ourselves, but if we ignore
it, it obviously does not protect us from any of these things we have
come to expect from our government. If words on paper offered us magical
protection from infringement of our rights, we would enjoy all our
constitutional rights. But only a commitment to constitutional
principles could protect our freedom in the real world."

Rebecca has made a clear statement of our duties and responsibilities as citizens of this great nation.  We must fight to have the principles of Christianity adhered to in matters of government.  Our founders, who wrote the document, said it would not continue to work if we abandoned these principles.  We are selling our precious inheritance for a bowl of porridge.  We must demand in the strongest terms that those elected officials who are being paid to represent our interests do so.  If they do not, we must destroy their lucrative footholds and replace them with men of character.  Our State governments must start pushing back by reclaiming their Constitutionally mandated powers.  It is time for the voters of the United States of America to assert their Constitutionally guaranteed powers in limiting the Federal Government to its originally established role.  

 “Liberty cannot be established without morality, nor morality without faith.”
– Alexis de Tocqueville


  1. Amen. Neither will I be watching. This man has all the coherence of one who carefully monitors everything he is going to say. I find it agonizing. He is a disaster wreaking a disaster. In total agreement with your comments on petitions with a bunch of promises that cannot be fulfilled without my money. It is maddening! At this point, we are
    doomed. I think it is a fulfillment prophecy and I am truly looking for the rapture of the church. The End.

  2. So may typos in that that I will surely be ashamed. Even my iPad is against me!

  3. Thanks Vee. I hate comment blocks with no recourse once you've posted and then realize that you have missed a key stroke or two. I then have to do like you and try to let people know that I really know better. Stay warm. Pappy


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