Friday, November 22, 2013

Walking Alone

Here is another guest editorial by my good friend David.  He has included an editorial written by a female Marine.  I like this picture.  It says a lot about what we as concerned Americans should do in this time of blindly following the Pied Piper of political and social correctness.

Here is a link to the best evaluation of using women in combat I have seen.

I remember seeing an hour long special on the Israeli military 20-25 years ago.  One segment was on women in the military.  It showed them marching with their Uzis and undergoing combat training in segregated units.  There was a woman reporterette who was handling the females in the military part.  She was interviewing a female Israeli general and babbling about how wonderful it would be if the American military would allow women in combat roles.  The general looked at her and said, "I don't think you understand.  It is true that all our women are trained to fight, but our women don't fight until all of our men are dead."

Some time in the past year or so, the liberals in Israel won out and women were put on the lines in a women only combat unit.  Didn't work out too well.  The last I heard, the women are still officially listed as being in a combat unit but what they actually do is guard duty.

This administration is causing damage to our military that will take years to recover from and believe me, our enemies are noticing.  My friends in the military tell me that the women serving in many positions in which they have no business being in are a large part of the problem.  On average, 25%, often more, of the women in a ship's complement on a six month deployment have to be shipped home due to pregnancy, injuries, nervous breakdowns, etc.  One fellow is an orthopedic surgeon and he says that the injury rate among women is at least ten times that of the men....and that's before any have been assigned to actual combat units.  For one thing, they don't have to meet the same physical standards as the men.  In fact, if a man can only meet the women's standards, he is discharged.

Homosexuals are wreaking havoc.  Thus far this year there have been more than 2500 male on male rapes recorded.  Senior officers, mostly lesbian, have now come out of the closet and there have been numerous cases of harassment and outright destruction of men's careers who do not agree with homosexual marriage.   Homosexual couples are showing up at the various academies' dances.  Chaplains are being discharged for refusing to marry homosexuals.

Throughout all of the history of the military, lying by an officer for any reason was grounds for discharge.  Has anyone thought about all of these homosexuals who have lied about their sexuality for years not being punished for doing so now that they have come out of the closet?  If they can get away with lying about that then why can't someone else lie about anything they wish?  You see the problem?  And now very senior commanders appointed by Obama and his minions are lying to Congress and the American people about the state of the military.

Women and racial and ethnic minorities are promoted in all ranks without regard to merit or ability in order to meet quotas.

Obama has been purging the ranks of senior generals, admirals, colonels, and Navy captains and replacing them with political appointees.  As an example, I would point to a comment made in front of a Congressional committee a while back by the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  He said the greatest danger facing the US is global warming.

Finally, our Navy has been reduced to a size less than before WWI, at least 30 squadrons in the Air Force and I don't know how many in the Navy and Marines have been grounded, the remaining pilots are often not even getting enough flight time to receive their flight pay because their flying time has been restricted, and our nukes are being dismantled in alarming numbers.

And that's just what I know about from the outside.

A couple of senior officers have recently told me that they have never seen morale so low, and that discipline and unit cohesiveness is ordering on being non existent.

This country is in great danger at the moment from a variety of sources with the emasculation of our military close to the top of the list.  This administration sees the military as some kind of grand social experiment, but it also perceives it as a some kind of fascist outfit which needs to be reduced in number and brought in line to be politically controlled from within by people who are like minded with the administration.

If Patton were still around he would likely be starting a revolution about now.



  1. Glad that I finally wandered over to read this excellent guest post. We're in a fix all right. How does one change the direction of the country? Seems as if it must be a God thing and it well may be too late.

  2. Glad you came by for a visit Vee. I wish I could post something more encouraging, but under this administration the chances of that are small.


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