Thursday, January 17, 2013

Working in the Bee Hive

I just realized, while trying to find something new and enlightening on FaceBook, that I have neglected to post anything on "Pappy's Ponderings" since November 23, 2012.  A new year has begun, but I have been silently pondering the situation since the November elections.  The work of pondering in this climate is akin to working in a bee hive.  The bees are restless and I am trying to make sense of their furious activity.  Most of the bees are buzzing away over intrusions in the hive and I feel it would do little good to try and calm them down at this point.  I remembered this poem and I hope it will cause us all to reflect.

Life’s Little Pleasures

We plan.
We work.
We save.
We dream.
But life is seldom as it seems.

A germ.
A gene.
A wayward act.
Can throw perceptions off their track.

A hug.
A kiss.
A tender word.
Can let us know we’re not alone.
That other’s dreams have not come true.

Life is life.
So on we go.
Not so sure of what’s in store.
But fearing less that great unknown.
Enjoying “little” more.

Dennis Price


  1. Ever the sage one, Pappy. Agreed that perhaps now is not the time to calm the hive. How else will change take place? Good to find you here.

  2. I agree with Vee. We need to stay busy for real change. We're buzzing around 'hardware' stores in an attempt to be ready for what's coming.


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