Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tomorrow we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence that occurred on July 4, 1776.  King Alfred the Great was the first British monarch to rule over all of England (849 - 899 A.D.).  He saw the connection between an educated populace and effective government.  He insisted that his Nobles learn Christian history.  He wrote that, "Local government ought to be synonymous with local Christian virtue, otherwise it becomes local tyranny, local corruption, and local iniquity."  Our fore fathers used these same principles in founding our great nation.  We have seen the predictions of King Alfred come to life as our government rejects the Christian faith and the attendant principles of righteous behavior in favor of secular humanism.  It is time, as individuals and a nation, to repent, and return to a government of people who value the wisdom of God and practice it.  Nothing short of that will save this nation.


Out of revolution,
the grip of monarch’s rule.
Driven by freedom.
Founded on values
from God’s holy book,
the glue that binds,
in trust,
its varied masses.


Through fire of war,
was forged in strength
a strong republic.


And though the vision dims
in her prosperity,
she rises to the challenge
when tyrants seek
to quell her voice.


Blessed by God,
we must hold those
values close
that bound
our loose knit colonies
in their infancy.


Dennis Price

We are confronted with insurmountable opportunities.  - Walt Kelly

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