Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring has Sprung

April Impressions

Zephyrs stir miniature
soldiers of lavender
and salmon pink
standing at attention
on a carpet of pastel green.

Purple tendrils
surround a phone pole.

Splashes of white and pink
peak out from
Winter’s stark remnants.

An ice blue sky
domes the hillsides
carpeted in yellow and blue.

Songbird fugues
pierce the air
backed up by the
steady gurgle of a
crystal stream.

Subtle hints of perfume
carried on the breeze
refresh and revive
my wakening spirit.

Dennis Price


  1. Have just come from two Texas blogs where the praises of spring are heard. Your praises are as well. That's one gorgeous photo. Makes me want to experience Texas in the spring and bluebells...

  2. Pappy, this is beautiful, I can't wait to get on the
    road to take some pictures! Thanks for sharing and
    love your poem.



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