Thursday, February 23, 2012

Why Support Any of Them?

This picture is from a British blog "The Chronicles of Islam", and was dated February 9, 2012.  It was followed by this statement:

"Now that Islam is firmly in the drivers seat in most Western countries, the media MUST be dealt with (with regards to its portrayal of Islam). Thankfully this chore has already been taken up by Allah's slaves and any mocking of the Religion of Peace and Justice will not be tolerated.

Muslims will KILL ANY that say Islam is VIOLENT!

Praise the internal logic of the Sharia and the mind of Allah!"

In every political debate and media commentary we are confronted with our involvement in the countries of the Middle East.  Should we support the rebels in these countries?  Should we send troops?  What about the people there who love freedom?  Shouldn't we try and help them set up democratic rule?  What did we accomplish in Iraq?  This picture is, I believe, Muslims living in Europe.

Folks, no matter what you get out of this opinion piece, know this: We are not going to change Islam.  They are not going to embrace democracy.  They are not going to tolerate other religions.

We did exactly what Iran wanted us to do in Iraq.  We kept their Muslim rivals at bay and trained a standing army with American military know how to fight for the Shias when we pulled out.  We also left them tons of usable military equipment.

The following excerpts are from Wikipedia:

 Sunnis are a majority in most Muslim communities: in South East AsiaChinaSouth AsiaAfrica, and most of the Arab world. Shia make up the majority of the population in IranIraqAzerbaijan and Bahrain, and they are the largest religious group in Lebanon (all together called the Shia Crescent), while Pakistan has the second-largest Shia Muslim (Twelver) population in the world.

Sunnis believe that Abu Bakr, the father of Muhammad's wife Aisha, was Muhammad's rightful successor and that the method of choosing or electing leaders (Shura) endorsed by the Quran is the consensus of the Ummah, (the Muslim community).
Shiites believe that Muhammad divinely ordained his cousin and son-in-law Ali (the father of his grandsons Hasan ibn Ali and Hussein ibn Ali) in accordance with the command of God to be the next caliph making Ali and his direct descendants Muhammad's successors. Ali was married to Fatimah, Muhammad's daughter.

The battle in the middle east and around the rest of the world is between these two major factions.  Iran controls and supplies the Shiites or Shia against the Sunnis around the world.  Shiites are the more fundamental and radical of the two sects.  However, all Muslims are aligned against non-Muslims in the rest of the world.  We are going to end up fighting them for our very survival.  None of them should be supported or trained as they will never support anything we do.  They are not a "peaceful" religion, they are an aggressive socio-political force whose governing body is housed and directed by their religious leaders.  

We should immediately set out to make ourselves independent of foreign oil, and we should join our allies in putting a stop to the aggressive actions of Islam no matter the venue.  We should expel those who are in our country who aggressively seek to establish Islam and Shia law, and that includes law makers, judges, and politicians who side with Muslims who are against our way of life here in the United States.

Islam is a very real threat.  We should recognize it and take action before it is too late.

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  1. Sadly, this is the truth. We can not stick our heads in the sand any longer. When a people such as this wants power and is willing to go to any extreme to get it, we must pay attention. Iran and a nuclear bomb? Scary, scary thought.


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