Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's Bigger Than it Looks.

This a photo of Wayne LaPierre, NRA Executive Vice President.  In my most recent e-issue (January 2012) of the American Rifleman, I ran across an article by Chris W. Cox, NRA-ILA Executive Director, entitled "Fast and Furious, Right From the Source".  It reminded me of the response of the NRA after the attempted service of a federal search warrant at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, TX.  I am an NRA member and I agree with a lot of what they try to do.  However, they, like others who use their considerable resources to influence what goes on in Washington, sometimes use attacks on public servants to get at otherwise untouchable politicians.  The photo that goes along with the article shows a beaming Chris W. Cox, (Career Lobbyist)  flanked by U.S. Senator Charles Grassley (Career Politician) and U. S. Representative Darrell Issa (Wealthy businessman turned politician with a very interesting past - check them all out on Wikipedia).  I did, and I'm convinced I wouldn't trust any of them to make a decision on what was or wasn't a legitimate law enforcement operation.  I gave my take on "Fast and Furious" in a post during August of this past year. .

I was not going to post on this because it is so hard to lead readers through my maze of critical analysis without loosing them to their own staunch gut reactions.  However, a fellow blogger (a former Chief of Police) sent me a blog entry calling for shooting more police officers and lauding the recent killing of a Deputy Sheriff in Phoenix Arizona.  He was asking me what I thought we should do to counteract those who call for such action.  Here is my response to his inquiry.

"I read it Brady. It is a sign of the times. Unfortunately, people who
dislike the laws we have passed, take out their angst on the people who
enforce it. Those who would have us enter a state of anarchy and
lawlessness have an agenda to destroy the public's confidence in those who
are guardians and enforcement officers (soldiers and law enforcement
officers). When they do this, the "Nanny State" can come in with their
hand picked cadre of enforcers and force people to do as they're told. The
process is aided by people who lack understanding, or those who have nothing
else to do in life but get paid to protest. Look at the "Occupy Wall
Street" crowd for example. Our current president came from the ranks of
those who can be paid to stir up unrest under the guise of furthering social
justice. "Community Organizers" are people paid by wealthy patrons to keep
the undereducated masses in a state of turmoil and herd them in mass to the
polls to vote for those candidates who "The Pseudo-Intellectual Elitists"
tell/pay them to vote for. Barack and Michelle Obama are getting rich and
living large doing exactly as they are told by people like George Soros.

The system is incremental and many people don't even realize they are
playing an active roll. We have passed so many laws that people rebel,
(even those we label as good folks) and quietly justify their selective
obedience/disobedience of the law in their own minds. How many people
speed? How many cheat on their income taxes? How many take liberties with
the gun laws? The list is endless. Those who have financial interests in
the process lash out at the enforcers of the law on both sides of the
political aisle. It is a society driven by short sided selfish interests
that ignore the future consequences for those who follow. Once the
representative republic implodes, then the masses are forced into
compliance/slavery by the Oligarchy.

Everyone loves the NRA right? After ATF's failed service of a search
warrant at the Branch Davidian compound, and the subsequent FBI directed 51
day standoff, Wayne LaPierre the head of the NRA suggested that his
followers shoot ATF agents in the head. He later apologized for the
statement, but what led him to do this? All the agents involved were acting
according to, and following the laws of our land. He had a platform to
attack political opponents of the gun laws and stir up his base to send more
money to the NRA. The target of vitriolic written accounts both before and
after the raid targeted law enforcement (even though many officers belonged
to the NRA). The ATF and FBI were enforcing laws passed by our
representatives in Washington, D.C. However, the political opponents of
the NRA were the democrats who occupied the White House and controlled the
congress under then president Bill Clinton. In our society, these elected
officials are virtually untouchable, and through the courts, the Attorney
General, powerful elected representatives, and a now complicit national media
they control much of what goes on in our country without consulting those
who put them there. So to get at this juggernaut, powerful players in both
political parties target the relatively defensless and hamstrung public
servants who enforce the laws of the land. They are repeating their actions
now by attacking, and inacurately portraying the actions of ATF agents in
Operation Fast and Furious. Agents and police officers are usually under
some level of gag order while the political infighting goes on. They cannot
defend their actions without facing punitive sanctions. The NRA and their
political supporters on the right are after Obama and Eric Holder (among
others) and the left uses their platform to further erode the public's
confidence in their public servants. The media piles on with their blather
which the underinformed, who can read, gobble up without any critical
analysis. Our soldiers are also covered in a manner designed to create
doubt and mistrust.

We are a society in decline and the problem is world wide. We were a
country, like no other country, founded by men who followed the Holy
Scriptures and the principles outlined by Creator God. Our God is a jealous
god, and will not be mocked. We are doomed to failure unless we return to
the selfless life his Son, Jesus Christ modeled for us in his short life
here on earth. God knew before he created us that by giving us the freedom
to choose, (a necessary component to make relationships mean something) he
had given us the program to choose selfishly. He knew man would make the
wrong choice, and he planned for his perfect Son to come and pay the penalty
required to make a way for us to return to a right relationship with Him. Man's
pride and continued insistence on following his own flawed human wisdom has
caused us to pick up speed in our slide toward perdition. We are oblivious
to the slavery that ultimately awaits us when we live our lives outside of
God's plan."

I hope you were able to follow the thread.  At the least, I hope you will do your own critical thinking and research on the issues brought up.  Thanks for reading,  Pappy


  1. What an ugly rat's nest you describe, Pappy. I appreciate your fairness in pointing at both sides. Your final paragraph pretty much sums it up in easily understood terms for a Believer. I'm in total agreement.

  2. Pappy,

    Well put Pappy, since our exchange of e-mail's, the site was taken down by Blogger, I commend them and they did the right thing in my opinion. There will be people who will complain about "Freedom the Freedom of Speech", which I support. Now I am going to toss a HOWEVER out there. The way I see it, yes we have "freedom of Speech" HOWEVER we do not have the right to use the FREEDOM OF SPEECH as a platform to call for the death of "ANYONE" much less Police Officers or anyone for that matter.

    "Wayne LaPierre the head of the NRA suggested that his
    followers shoot ATF agents in the head. Yes he apologized, and that is a good thing, but he was dead wrong for saying it in the first place. What Wayne said was also despicable, but he said it and it was too late to take it back. People remember it, but he did realize it was a mistake.
    Still, I do not believe the foundation of Freedom of Speech was meant to be a vehicle to use speech as it was used in that PARTICULAR Blog and in that manner. What makes the issue of Freedom of Speech so difficult is if the idiot who wrote the post calling for more PIGS to be killed is censured for what he said, where is the balance point? Just because I was offended means what? It means nothing; I believe that the reason it was taken down was because it was illegal, because this idiot was calling for more Officers to be killed. I do not know the federal law that would apply in this case. I do know that Sheriff Joe in Arizona sent two of his Deputies and they were accompanied by an FBI agent to headquarters to serve a subpoena to the Google staff in order to obtain the IP address.

    I just want you to know that I agree with what you said and it was quite eloquent. You have always had a pretty good take on the issues, and I do appreciate your point of view Pappy....God Bless you and yours...


  3. Pappy I wrote a long reply....where did it go....?

  4. Thanks Shady, It is good to hear from you. I appreciate your keeping me up to date on current events that slip through the holes of the Pappy sieve. I think people should have been able to see what passes for information these days. Keep up the fight. Pappy

  5. Pappy,

    Interesting commentary but where do you stand? I've spent a long time observing what's going on in this country and listen to both sides. Anyone can comment and point out the problems in macro or in detail on the many specific intracacies of the problems but that doesn't help solve the problems. A person has to take a position and side with those that are working for the things that are most important to them and their family. They're not going to be perfect. I didn't remember Wayne L. saying that but it sounds more like he was giving tactical instructions for when your backed into a corner and have to forget the other sides motives and humanity and just do what you must to protect your family and yourself. I know the widow of the Agent that was killed at the Branch Davidian compound. He was a fine christian Mississippi boy that didn't deserve to die. Janet Reno and Bill Clinton had not constitutional reason or authority to send him there. I wonder how long it will be before this happens again. Yeah they were a bunch of nuts and I agree that they may have been doing stupid stuff led by a kook but if left alone I doubt it would have turned out any where near as tragic as Bill & Janet made it. I remember the media talking about the strange religous rituals and that they had guns and they didn't defer to the law and give them up, that the children were being abused so the result was they all died. As a Baptist I have strange religious beliefs, being born again, washing away sin with blood, holding people under water and pulling them up and declaring them to be a new person. And I own guns and believe I have a right to use them to defend my family, myself and my property with them. I'm glad Bill and Janet didn't know about me and I hope BHO never does. I'm not arguing with you or even disagreeing with you. At this point in my life I know where I stand and support those who stand with me.


  6. Bones, Thanks for taking the time to read my ramble. Explaining what happened at Waco would take the rest of the day. I will try and make it simple. I am a strong believer in a strict rendering of the U. S. Constitution. I don't believe the Second Amendment had anything to do with the general populace having firearms for general use. I think that was a given when the Constitution was written. I think the second amendment had more to do with maintaining firearms both to protect the constitution and the newly formed government and conversely to protect the people should the government become tyrannical. I think the writing of those who penned the document support this.

    Now as far as Waco is concerned, I expressed my opinion of the plan to those who were working on it and I told them I didn't like it. I was attached to another federal agency at the time and was not involved until after the fact. My concern was not in the legality of what was being purposed, but rather in the tactical approach. The gun laws have been around since the 1930's in their current form. Stiffer penalties were added in 1968 and several modifications have been made since then. None of these laws did much to restrict the private ownership of firearms. Some folks don't like them, and some folks just refuse to obey them. My feeling is that if you don't like the law, then you should lobby your legislators to change them. The NRA has been at the forefront of doing this and that is why I am a member. Most people don't understand the functioning of government law enforcement and therefore they make statements that are simply not true. Very rarely do the top officials have any say in what goes on at the field level. When things go bad and the press starts seeking answers, then those in high political office get involved. Janet Reno got involved after the fire fight occurred when agents attempted to serve a federal search warrant at the Branch Davidian compound. I do know things the press never knew, but things that did come out in the trials. They prove that ATF was obligated by law to take action in the presence of multiple violations of the GCA by members of the Branch Davidian cult. No one in the history of law enforcement had faced the kind of difficult circumstances ATF was called to face in this situation. Our intelligence information of impending confrontation with law enforcement by Vernon Wayne Howell (David Koresh) and his "Mighty Men" compelled us to take action. To shorten this explanation I'll say the tactical plan was compromised and the idea of a surreptitious approach was not an option. In my opinion, the people in charge erred in not regrouping and coming up with another plan. Unlike what the press reported, the group was not simply defending their church and the families who were in the compound. They planned an apocalyptic confrontation with law enforcement to prove the Messianic delusions of their mentally deranged leader. I hope this serves to let you know that there are many things the general public does not know. That is my point. Many powerful people use the tragedy of law enforcement operations that go badly to further their own political agendas. I would be happy to talk to you further about this if you can send me an e-mail with some contact information. I promise not to send it to BHO or Eric Holder. Thanks, Pappy


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