Thursday, October 6, 2011

Impossibility of Communication

The painting above by Paulo Zerbato is entitled, "Impossibility of Communication".  I feel it fits perfectly with how I feel on those days when I find the time and energy to post.  I know many of you read and understand at least some of what I am trying to convey, but outside the realm of ordinary folks I think my pondering may be lost.  I post some of my own creations, and when I find something that is well written, inspiring, and informative, I introduce it and give the author credit.  I never hope for complete agreement and I'm always open for factual evidence of why you might disagree.  Someone asked me if I ever write for the newspaper (Op/Ed) and I said no.

I read the local newspaper and I read selected articles in the electronic media.  I can automatically discount most of the major network sources because of their obvious bias and lack of research.  We are being led down a path of divisiveness in this country and it will eventually lead to anarchy.  The forces of divisiveness have been at work for a long time in this world.  Evil men with a desire for power and control realized long ago that if you can split loyalties and destroy confidence in the institutions of government designed to keep us functioning in relative harmony and agreement, you can profit from the confusion and stagnation that naturally results.

Our great country was miraculously formed and a unique system of governing was put into place despite a great deal of arguing as to how it was to be done.  No where else in the world has a system like ours been implemented with such success.  I believe that God created the universe, and that he intended for the United States of America to born out of impossible circumstances, and to succeed in spite of great trials and tribulations, to show the world His hand at work in this project.  I also believe He intended for us to pass along this vision and to continue to give Him our undying gratitude.  Our failings as a nation are the direct result of not doing what God intended for us to do.  When the majority of the people are in tune with the Creator, then there is voluntary compliance with the law, a spirit of responsibility to do one's chosen task, and a spirit of selflessness in relation to our neighbors.

The slide into the abyss is orchestrated to be played in tiny incremental variations so the disharmony is not evident to the casual listener.  The score looks fine to those unacquainted with music and the accidentals are cleverly hidden within measures of beautiful melody.

The beautiful symphony of a democratic republic dedicated to its Creator has now become nothing more than crashing cymbals.  The noise is now recognized as music.  Take God out of the equation and that's what you are left with.

Never express yourself more clearly than you are able to think.  Niels Bohr


  1. For me, it just comes as a shock to have the highest in the land be trying to destroy the very foundations of our country.

    As for what you have shared here, I could not agree more heartily.

  2. Thanks for commenting Vee. No shock to me given the reasons he was elected and the puppeteers pulling his strings. I think we've had enough and I intend to vote my convictions in 2012. Pappy

  3. Hi Keanan, I got your e-mail and am hopeful for you in your upcoming adventure. Please stay in touch. I have been planning to take a short trip to Big A, but have been hindered by the weather until now. Pappy


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