Monday, September 12, 2011

The NEW jobs plan.

"O.K. Congress, “No games, no politics, no delays.”  Barack Hussein Obama

Let me interpret that for you.  "I'm going to shove this down your throats just like all the other plans I've proposed.  Take my health care bill, please, take my health care bill.  Nancy told you not to read it and now you know why.  It is filled with hidden billion dollar funding clauses and who knows what else.  Well, this NEW jobs plan is just like all my other plans.  Spend, spend, spend.  Who cares if we are bankrupt and don't have the money,  We'll just print more.  So what if your job only lasts for a year.  That'll be a year you wouldn't have otherwise and should carry me through the next election.  Who will get these jobs you ask?  Well, it is the people who put me in office and the people who blindly line up to cheer exciting things like 'Four more years' ad nauseum."  Pappy's Paraphrase

   "Surrounded by police officers, firefighters, teachers, construction workers and others he said would be helped by the $447 billion package, the president said the only thing that would block its passage would be lawmakers deciding it wasn’t good politics to work with him. “We can’t afford these same political games, not now,” Obama said."  Chicago Sun Times

Who are these people who would follow the Pied Piper to Tophet?  They are the people who helped bring this unknown into the White House.  They are the people who were told how to vote and who to vote for. They are the largely under educated masses so prevalent in the Democrat Party.  The Democrat Party has become the party of endowment.  Therefore those who depend on the benevolence of the "Nanny" government for their sustenance are the largest supporters. Who are they?  Here is a partial list.  Those who live outside the accepted standards of civil and moral behavior,  Labor Union leadership with their complicit members who regardless of their own moral convictions must vote as they are told or be sanctioned, Trial lawyers who don't want any limits on their ridiculous judgements and exorbitant fees, Academics whose tenured jobs are subsidized by government grants, Artists whose work could not and would not stand on its own without support, Politicians who couldn't survive in the real world, and of course those who have through generations of laying the blame for their failure to succeed at any door step but their own depend on the government to support them;  These are the Democrats.

 Every time the president needs a crowd, he goes to an area where there is a goodly number of union members who can be marshaled under a threat of job loss or physical injury and stands in front of chanting hundreds.  The complicit media clones do whatever is necessary to spew their slanted messages about the events under the heading of "News".  

Perry is right.  Social Security cannot survive.  He isn't making this up.  Do the math.  The program has been plundered by a variety of unscrupulous politicians and it cannot sustain itself.  It is like a magicians act using smoke and mirrors to deflect your attention from what is really happening.  I put money in, but I'll never get any money out.  All the bull about payroll tax reductions are just political double talk.  Tax the rich, spread the wealth around, tax the huge corporations, all great rhetoric for those who are deluded.  Who pays those taxes?  ALL CONSUMERS DO.  Do you think for one minute that people who have become rich building businesses and corporations pay their taxes and don't pass the cost to those who buy their goods and services?  They couldn't stay in business if they did.  THOSE OF US WHO PAY TAXES PAY FOR ALL THE TAXES.  Somewhere around 50% of our population pay no taxes.  What does that mean?  IT MEANS THAT YOUR SHARE THEN BECOMES DOUBLE.  Wake up and smell the coffee.  We must cut spending now and we must make the cuts sacrificial.  Throwing more money into the mix will do exactly what the previous two attempts did; provide a huge war chest for Democrat politicians, and open the door for a continuation of the fraud and criminality in government.

The most common of all follies is to believe passionately in the palpably not true. It is the chief occupation of mankind.  - H. L. Mencken

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