Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

Now you might think this a strange picture to mark our traditional Thanksgiving Day holiday. Stick with me and I think you'll pick up on the drift as we go. This all started hundreds of years ago when a group of immigrants decided to set up a settlement on the continent of North America. There were people living here already. But, the Pilgrims, who were predominantly concerned with finding a place to exercise their religious practice without interference, managed to stick it out. Freedom was the driving force that made people endure a long sea journey, risk a clash of cultures with those already here, and endure the hardships of making a life in a new land far from the things they had learned to depend on. When they knew life was sustainable, they gathered together to thank God for letting them see a glimmer of hope in their new home.

Freedom has driven our great United States of America from the beginning. Men were willing to give everything they owned to advance this noble idea. I believe it was God who inspired the idea. In Romans Chapter 13, Paul devoted an entire Chapter to explain God's intended purpose for governments. In a nutshell, the government was formed to provide a secure atmosphere where people could worship God. Both the role of the government and the role of the governed are explained here. I'm thankful we can still talk and write about God, and the Bible, in a public forum.

I am thankful for my family and the life I've been privileged to live here in the United States of America. I believe in one nation under God. Even though some don't share my beliefs, I still believe we continue to exist because God allows us to. We are beset on all sides by those who have given up on God and would have us join the larger global community of humanists who hold to the premise that man can solve all of man's problems. However, I believe that the majority of those who live in the United States still hold to the idea that God ordained this country and he will be the one who says when its time is up.

Now, back to the cartoon. I believe this backs up what I have just said. The current leader of our great nation, Barack Hussein Obama, and a sizable number of followers have decided its time for us to join the Godless ranks of the global humanists. However, his election was possible because a huge fraud was perpetrated on some of the voting public. Change to them meant something totally different. They were duped because the system failed to work as our U. S. Constitution intended for it to work. Now we see the real forces behind the change. More and more are revolting and support is lagging. I am thankful because we live in a country where we can freely talk about the issues and correct our mistakes before they wreck us entirely. I don't portend to know what God has in store for our country, but I am convinced by personal experience that he is in control and will take us in the necessary direction.

I hope that as you celebrate the tremendous bounty of our great nation with its freedom from tyranny, you will pray for God's guidance and continued blessing as we swim into the deep end of the pool. Happy Thanksgiving and may God bless you and your family. Remember, God loves you even if you don't believe in Him.


  1. I've missed you, glad you are back, love the header, I have a casserole in the oven, kids and Grands on their way and I will be back to read it all...
    She said in a rushed voice. Judi

  2. is this;
    If people would put God in their lives every day rather than on weekends and holidays, this nation would rebound like a super ball off a cement floor.

  3. Quite right ... God does love us even when we don't love or believe in Him. I am thankful for His saving grace and tender mercies.

    It's obvious that our nation was allowed to rise to the heights we did because of our collective belief in Jesus. The biggest mistake our nation made was to stop teaching the Bible in public schools. The current corrupt Administration is a result of so many people being uneducated in spiritual matters. I do hope that will 'change' with time.

    Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  4. Pappy, although I don't always agree with you your comments help me focus. Glad you're back. Happy thanksgiving.

  5. I agree with very few people all the time Papa. I believe that steel sharpens steel. Glad to have all of you commenting on this Thanksgiving Day. I hope you had a great one. Pappy


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